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How do I setup my Hyphen?

1.       Unpack your Hyphen in the room where you plan to sleep.

2.       Lay your Hyphen mattress on its side; it is designed to be compatible with any firm, flat surface – be it a platform, slats (no more than 4 inches apart), box spring, or floor.

3.       Find the end of the outer plastic wrap, and pull towards you until it is fully unwrapped.

4.       Once your Hyphen is unfurled, find the side with the seam and removed the inner plastic wrap by pulling apart the plastic at the seam.

CAUTION: “Avoid using scissors or any other sharp object when removing the plastic—accidents happen!”

5.       Watch your Hyphen mattress expand before your eyes, and begin your countdown to better sleep.

If you still have more questions, check out our animated GIF to see the best way to unwrap your Hyphen!